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Preacher Wanted

The Spencer County Church of Christ is currently searching for a full-time or part-time preacher. The congregation of 25 to 30 members is located 3 miles east of Rockport, Indiana, and 10 miles north of Owensboro, Kentucky. The congregation is currently led by two elders who have worked with both full-time and part-time preachers in the past and are open to working with the individual needs of the applicant. The congregation is currently able to provide a salary of $600 per week with no benefits. Please send resume or make inquires to:


Spencer County Church of Christ

882 North County Road 200 West

Rockport, Indiana 47635

Contact person:

Larry Barchett

Email: [email protected]

About Us

With so many constant changes to emotions, standards and society, a steadfast rule book is required to lead us to Heaven. We follow the scripture in our worship to ensure proper service. We strive to treat others with honesty, dignity, and compassion.

Read about our journey

  • The Spencer County Church of Christ began in the Summer of 1980 with Bobby Wade promoting it. We first met in a car parts storage room. I’m the only original member left in the church. We knocked on doors all over Rockport, handing out Christian literature and inviting people to join us. We had very little money and would take home our communion cups to wash and reuse them.
  • When the power plant started, we gained several members who were already Christians. We had members take turns preaching to our group and we were supported by other churches for a while. When the building on Center St went up for sale, we were able to purchase it. We had several children who lived in the area join our congregation.
  • Rick Dominy was our first paid preacher. He and his wife were expecting a son, Joe. Joe had muscular dystrophy and passed away at the age of 21. He touched a lot of lives with his kind disposition, his love of God, and his smile. Rick and his wife eventually moved back to North Carolina.
  • Our congregation continued to grow and had approximately 80 members when Bobby Wade was our preacher. We lost several families when Hawesville started a church.
  • Bobby and Dan Wade played a great part in the church. They are both great preachers, teaching “Truth in Love” and dedicated their lives to saving souls.
  • While we have gained and lost some members we still remain faithful and welcome those who want to serve.
  • Ken and Opal Walton donated the ground to build our new building.


For the time being, we are only meeting 3 times a week. See below for our schedule.

Sunday School

9:00 am CST

Sunday Morning Service

10:00 am CST

Church Leaders

Our church leaders are charged with the administration and care of the local church.

Larry Barchett


Frank Taylor



Help Wanted

Common Questions

Below we have listed some of the more common questions about who we are and why believe certain things. We will try to add appropriate explainer videos to each section when we are able. As always, if you have a question, please ask.

  • While we take our legal name from Romans 16:16, the church of Christ is a group of Christians striving to follow after Christ (Matt 16:24). We model ourselves after the teachings of Christ and his apostles (2 Thessalonians 2:15).

  • We believe the Bible is the word of God because it claims to be His word (2 Tim. 3:16-17). We also believe it is the word of God because of its reliable nature, possessing everything pertaining to life and godliness (2 Peter 1:3).

  • Becoming a part of the Lord’s body is clearly outlined for us in Scripture. Belief in Jesus is the beginning, as confirmed in Acts 16:30-33. This faith is made manifest by confessing Christ as our savior (Romans 10:8-9), repent of your sins (1 John 1:9), and be baptized (Acts 2:37-39).

  • To be baptized literally means to be immursed, in this case, water. This definition is made clear by examples in Scripture. In Acts 8:34-38’s case, the men had to go all the way down into the water for their baptism. The waters themselves are not sacred, but the obedience and submission is what connects us to Christ’s sacrifice (1 Peter 3:20-21).

  • We take Communion every Sunday in imitation of the pattern set in Scripture. In Acts 20:6-7, we are told that Paul gathered on the first day of the week (Sunday) to break bread, on of the names used to speak about Communion. Notice how Paul delayed his departure to worship with the brethren in Troas.

  • Christ is the head of His church (Eph 5:23). His word, the Bible, is the ultimate authority.Under our own part of Christ’s kingdom, we follow the pattern of Scripture once again by appointing and following elders (1 Peters 5:1-4).

  • Because we worship in Spirit and Truth (John 4:23-24). We seek to share God’s love, compassion, salvation, and glory with one another, recognizing we are all equal partakers of His honor (1 Cor. 12:26-27).

  • Jesus is the Christ, the appointed savior by God (Matt 16:15-17). He is God Himself (John 10:29-33), bringing salvation for all (1 Tim 1:15).

  • The Holy Spirit intercedes for us today (Romans 8:26-27). He also lives within us upon receiving our salvation (Acts 2:38-39; 1 Cor. 6:18-19). The Holy Spirit also acts as our seal of salvation, the promise to what is to come (Eph. 1:13-14).

  • Women, like men, are to live a life pleasing to God for we are all the same in the eyes of our Creator (1 Cor 15:58; Gal. 3:26-29). We believe God tasked man with leading corporate worship, but in no way is such an assignment meant to devalue or belittle a sister in Christ (1 Tim. 2:11-12).

  • While tithing is a function of the Old Law and not present under the new promise of Christ, we do see both commands and examples of Christian benevolence collected through their local body of worship (2 Cor. 9:6-7; 1 Cor. 16:1-2). We are to use our means here on earth now to store up treasure in heaven (1 Tim 6:17-19).

  • We do our best to imitate the pattern set forth in Scripture, in which in the new testament only mentions the use of vocal singing, (Matt 26:30; James 5:13). The point of praising God in song is to build one another up and submit ourselves to God (Eph 5:18-21)


Feel free to contact us with questions, prayer requests, or how we can help you or the community.

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882 North County Road 200 West
Rockport IN, 47635

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